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Rifle training


If you are one of many who loves rifles, this is an offer you cannot refuse. The goal here is to teach you how to use various rifles, use different bullets and also make specific calculations. Rifles are used for long-distance shootings so you will need to have a good eye.

As always, you can pick which weapon you like the most, focus your attention on it or pick another one and learn more in detail. There are a few things more than in the first offer we have presented to you.

Best trainers

How does it works?

There are 4 steps you need to learn and master before you will pass the test and get the certificate and more importantly the knowledge you need and want.



This is the first step and here we will teach you about the basics, essentials and more.



First shoot is always the most important one and here you will have an opportunity to do it with a presence of trainers, the best ones.



This section includes shooting at specific and hard to get targets which may be difficult.



The last part is to pass a test where we can see all what you have learned and give you a certificate.