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Pistol trainings


The training will require a short period of time and you will have a great time while learning. We will always start slow and we will guide you through the entire process, teach you how to shoot from different angles. All details are covered and will be presented by the most experienced trainers.

Yes, you have the ability to choose different firearm and to use it as long as you prefer. Or you can choose to use multiple weapons and to master shooting completely. This is ideal if you need this kind of training for work or for fun.

Best trainers

How all of this work

There are 4 steps you will need to know and meet in order to develop the skills needed. Luckily all the steps are simple, easy to follow and you can get additional help whenever you need.



This is the most important part of the training where you will learn basics about bullets and weapons.



In this section we will guide you throughout your first shoot and make sure you get the satisfactory feeling you have been looking for so long.



This is more advanced step where you need to meet specific goals.



The last part is to pass a test where we can see all what you have learned and give you a certificate.