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It may sound strange or even impossible for some that we offer this kind of service. But, if you like snipers and you would like to hit a target that is far, far away from you, this is a training you must complete. It is very difficult, but our trainers will help you and assist you as much as they can so you can develop the best and most needed skills.

You will use the latest, state of the art weapons for this purpose and you will need to master each one before you can call yourself a true sniper. It is fun.

Best trainers

How does it work?

There are 4 steps or better said processes you will need to tackle and complete in order to become a sniper and master the skills needed. They are explained below.



This is the first step and here we will teach you about the basics, essentials and more.



First shoot is always the most important one and here you will have an opportunity to do it with a presence of trainers, the best ones.



This section includes shooting at specific and hard to get targets which may be difficult.



The last part is to pass a test where we can see all what you have learned and give you a certificate.